What is a Transformer?

June 28, 2023
OpenAI, Machine Learning, Transformers, AI, Deep Learning

The paper “Attention Is All You Need” kept coming up in my circles to read and I finally found time to look at it. It talks about a revolutionary architecture that has been a game-changer in the field, particularly when it comes to natural language processing. For those in the know, the concept is called a Transformer. It’s old news at this point, but for the uninitiated, what exactly is a Transformer, and how does it work? ...

Chatcopy - A ChatGPT Assisted Coding Utility

June 27, 2023
OpenAI, Crystal Lang, ChatCopy, AI Assisted Coding, Avdi Grimm, Martin Fowler, Hao's Prompting Method, Chain of Thought Prompting, guppi, Code Assistant

I was helping a colleague get setup with my semi-autonomous coding assistant utility called guppi recently and realized that he didn’t have access to GPT-4 through the API. GPT-4 is a lot better at coding. This got me thinking that I need to create a solution that works for him that he can use in Chat GPT directly (for now). So, inspired by the work I did on guppi, I made ChatCopy. ... 0.3.0 Release

June 23, 2023
OpenAI, Function Calls, Library, Crystal Lang

Functions! We love when our jobs are made easier. Recently OpenAI announced the support for functions on their blog. Functions allow you to specify the structure of your output in a JSON compatible format. In the past, you’d have to wrangle the output by asking the GPT API to return a computer readable format like YAML or JSON, and specify the fields in natural language. The output would be unreliable. Most of the time I would resort to asking for YAML and I’d have to be very specific about the kinds of fields I would get back so I would get consistent results. ...

OpenAI Crystal Library

June 21, 2023
OpenAI, Crystal Lang, Programming, Autonomous Systems, API, guppi, Code Assistant, Library, AI

Hello everyone! I’ve been developing a new library for OpenAI in Crystal Lang. My fascination with autonomous systems led me to create a semi-autonomous assistant to aid my coding process. There was an existing OpenAI library in Crystal, but it didn’t quite meet my needs and lacked some key features. The most significant addition I’ve made is streaming, which is necessary for streaming code output to the user that guppi is writing. ...