Vector Database with Rails using pgvector

August 13, 2023
Ruby on Rails, Vector Database, Machine Learning, Search Algorithms, pgvector, postgres

Imagine a system that not only stores data but grasps its very essence. A system that can swiftly navigate through myriad data points to pinpoint the most relevant. That’s the power of vector databases. They’re tailor-made for QA systems, acting as memory boosters for large language models. Their ability to seamlessly link questions to exact answers showcases their pivotal role in modern AI. I’m going to show you how you can setup your very own vector database using Ruby on Rails so you can ask your data questions! ...

Heroku Is Dead

June 29, 2023
Heroku, pgvector, AI, PostgreSQL, Render, AWS, RDS

UPDATE: In response to the clamor from its users, Heroku has made an announcement on July 28th 2023: We are prioritizing this work and are now actively working on it! I will update with more information once we are working through readiness checks. Aiming to GA within the next quarter. @bf4 You are right that this has been on our radar for a while. To be transparent, we are heavily investing (and prioritizing) in our Postgres infrastructure revamp work, which can provide better performance, more flexibility/elasticity, as well as solid foundation to build up more features, including more extensions (incl. ...